Weekly discussions aimed at parents to help winter mood disorder

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Every Wednesday from 10 to 11:30 A-M, parents are invited to the Alaska Family Health and Birthing Center to join in group discussions where the mid-wives share information.
Advice can also be shared between parents, mid-wives, and even physicians that attend.
The cost for the general public is 20 dollars for a class, or 100 dollars if you sign up for the 6-class series.
The series covers pregnancy, labor and childbirth, and post-partum experiences in the first three weeks.
It eventually ends with a pot-latch style luncheon with the mid-wives.
The session coming up on Wednesday the 15th will be focusing on how to cope with child birthing strategies.

Dana Brown; Midwife - AFHBC >> "Just a very good, well-rounded group meeting that also includes the voice of the moms. They get to share a lot and add to the group."

Kate Parks; Midwife - AFHBC >> "Kind of like that idea that you are not alone in anything and so, you know not only having that feedback from your care providers, and having that time to ask questions and talk; but also that feedback from other members of your community, people that are having a similar experience to you and, it lets you know that these experiences are things that happen to other moms, and happen to other families, and of course dads as well are very welcome."