WHAT'S HAPPENING AT PIONEER PARK: After Solstice Festivities

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - We have a lot to tell you about the midnight sun run soon.

But for a look at what's to come after the Solstice festivities, here's Amanda Hanson with this week's 'What's Happening at Pioneer Park'.

Amanda Hanson, Reporter: I'm Amanda Hanson, and I am here on this beautiful day to talk about what's happening at Pioneer Park. I'm here with Donnie Hayes, Park Manager of Pioneer Park. Now after all the Solstice festivities that are going on this weekend, Pioneer Park has something special on Monday. Tell me about that. what's going on?

Donnie Hayes, Pioneer Park - Park Manager:​ Yeah, Summer Solstice is a lot of fun here at the park. The Midnight Sun Run ends here, all our vendors are typically open, you know throughout the evening. So much fun at the park. But, once we're done with that, it's back to our regular scheduled activities. This is in conjunction with our Alaska Salmon Bake, also in conjunction with the Fairbanks Arts Association. It's a really cool event, we've got a beer garden. We've got a lot of performers at the gazebo. It really is a cool activity. Those are just a few of the things that happen every single Monday throughout the Summer.

AH: So, what's with the hoops?

DH: Well, the hoops are just one of the many activities that is also part of Monday Markets. Pioneer Park is all about the kids, right? It's all about the parents. It's all about everyone. It is a place where there's a little bit of something for everyone. And so this is just one of our other activities that we do. We have four of these. Kids come out. They're able to shoot hoops with their parents. It's a great opportunity. But you know what? That's what's happening at Pioneer Park. Do you want to shoot some hoops?

AH:​ I sure do. Let's do it.