Volunteers from Florida help Fairbanks resident

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A group of high-school students from Florida was in Fairbanks for the week, and their purpose was to help. From cleaning the yard, to building walls, this group of 15 high-school students has been helping a Fairbanks resident by working on his house.
"I've always been the person that gives rather than receives, and I helped a family a year or so ago, just out of love, and he reached out to this group here and they flew from Florida to give me a hand," said Mike Croskrey, the homeowner.
Croskrey, suffered from an accident five years ago and it takes him longer to work on things then it used to.
"They've done enough work this summer that it probably would've taken me a year and a half to do," said Croskrey.
This group came from Florida through a faith-based agency, Group International that connects church groups with people around the world in need, and it's not just about giving back.
"They learn so much more about themselves than its just about helping others, so they come back completely changed and different from these trips."
One of the volunteers Danielle Lopez says they did learn a lot, from "Using different power tools, to making concrete, to like cooking gluten free bread or camping things and surviving."
They are almost done with their week of service and they have built a foundation and will put up walls for this room.
"Working with mike this week, seeing how all this hard work has paid off, really makes you feel like you're doing something important," said Askar O'Malley, another volunteer.
They even left some paintings on the fence.
"There just like pieces of us and of our homes, we have waves back there and it says PAG which is Pass-a-Grille which is where we're from, so its just so they remember us when we leave," said Lopez.
The group returns home to Florida tomorrow night. Another set of volunteers will be sent by Group International to continue improvements on Croskrey's house.