Vigil protests moves to drill in ANWR

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A candlelight vigil was held last night in downtown Fairbanks in support of defending the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from Congress.
The gathering took place in the Golden Heart Park.
Though the weather was cold and bitter, that didn't stop the number of participants who showed up.
Each person held a candle or a sign showing their support of the refuge.
Member of the interfaith working group of the 'Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition', Ritchie Musick, gave a short speech about why he thinks it's important for people to help defend the arctic refuge from Congress.
According to Musick, congress is trying to exploit the sacred land of the Gwich'in people in hopes of oil development.
Musick says the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge deserves to be kept safe, as it's a land full of natural resources.
Ritchie Musick; Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition>>: "To the Gwich'in people, this is a very important, it's the birthing place of the caribou on which their entire culture depends. To me as a former biology teacher, it's a wonderful tundra ecosystem. One of the very few in our country that has not been spoiled. We have many other parts of the state open for oil and gas development. But this is a special place, not only special to the Gwich'in but special to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and enjoys the biological diversity of Alaska."