University supporters rally for override of governor's vetoes

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Students, faculty, and university supporters rallied in support of an override of Governor Dunleavy's vetoes. The rally went on all day by the Legislative Information Office with supporters waving signs and chanting as cars drove by. The vetoes will affect the University of Alaska system with around 130 million dollars in cuts to UAF and UAA. In response to the vetoes, about 2,500 university employees were sent furlough notices. Bernard Aoto with the Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks says students are scared. "A lot of students that I've talked with a lot of students that have shared their concerns with their legislators, feel that they have no future here in Alaska, and it's the same with the faculty and staff here. With no support for education and no support for these services, the essential services in the State of Alaska, there's no future here," said Aoto.