University of Alaska approves $45.6 million capital budget for 2018

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The University Of Alaska Board Of Regents approved its fiscal year 2018 capital budget on Wednesday.

A total of 5-million dollars has been appropriated for deferred maintenance.
The total deferred maintenance budget for the university is $45.6 million - $5 million of which comes from the recently approved capital budget and $40.6 million from the university's total pool of unrestricted funds.
The original total budget request was set at 50 million dollars from state funding.

The board will now decrease investment in operating and other funds by 5-million dollars to help maintain the overall budget.

University of Alaska Statewide System President, Jim Johnsen, attended the Regents meeting to comment on the 5-million dollar capital budget.

"We were able to, through the legislative processes, sessions, to achieve this funding amount of 5 million dollars in deferred maintenance and renewal and repurposing, while very much appreciated it is frankly disappointment given the great needs that we have and the commitments that the regents have made."