University of Alaska Board of Regents finishes second day of meeting; includes public testimony

Vice president of ASUAF Daniel Vaziri gives his testimony to the board (Carly Sjordal/KTVF)
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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The full board of regents for the University of Alaska system completed its second session for the two day long meeting.

The second day's agenda was held on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus Friday to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the University of Alaska Board of Regents.

The board heard from various members of the student body and faculty as the public testimony section of the agenda ran over its scheduled time by nearly an hour and half.

The three students from the UAF student government who had interrupted a past regents meeting to be heard returned for this meeting with remarks about not receiving information about future problems and consequences that the Board of Regents face.

“Actions have consequences. Us (sic) as students don’t know what actions are happening and we have no idea what consequences are coming our way. Please include us more and more. If you need help on how to include us more, come ask us,” said Daniel Vaziri, the vice president of ASUAF.

Directly after Vaziri spoke, ASUAF President Bernard Aoto offered his testimony. “If communication has become blurred or obfuscated, it cannot simply fall on us to fix those lines of communication. It requires consistent work from the administration, the board and our universities to make sure those lines are fixed,” said Aoto.

After public testimony, members of the board -- including Board President Jim Johnsen -- gave speeches about the current state of the University. Johnsen talked more in depth about moving on from previous challenges that University of Alaska faced.

“Now our challenge is: how do we preserve, and honor, what is most core to our mission and our purpose, for our students and the communities we serve, while shedding what we must in order to adapt and survive and even thrive in a fast changing economic, demographic and technological world?” said Johnsen.

Friday's meeting concludes the lengthy workshop regarding roles and responsibilities, and a step towards more public communication and decision making for the board.

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