University launches drone rental pilot program for students

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Drone popularity has been sky high - and just this week, drone enthusiasts at UAF made it possible to rent one.
They've got four mini drones that are called 'Tiny Whoops'.
They're small first- person- view aircraft that you operate with a video-game-like controller.
The Tiny Whoop has a camera and monitor that allows you to watch where you're flying, and even record it.
They've set up a hula-a-hoop course in the basement of the Mather library on campus.
Anyone with a valid polar express card can rent one after watching an instructional video.
Then, it's like checking out a library book.
Kick-starter, Mathew Westhoff, says this is just the beginning of what's to come.
He has plans to get even more people involved with drone racing.
Matthew Westhoff; Unmanned Aircraft Pilot>>: "Down in the lower 48, a lot of colleges and stuff have race teams like this; like they do normal sports teams. And we figured this would be a great thing to do, you know six months out of the year here in Alaska, and it is kind of harsh temperatures and things like that so this will be a great thing to really allow them to do it year round. Kind of a way to get the kids involved with learning new things and getting them involved with computer science and engineering skills and stuff without them really knowing. We do plan actually to put on a camp for middle school, high school kids that we're going to do here on campus and we'll end up having a race in the patty ice center at the end of it."