University hosts seventh annual Pop Con

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The University of Alaska Fairbanks held the 7th annual Pop-Con on campus over the weekend - an experience filled with gaming, vendors, and even a costume role-playing contest.
David Spindler has the story.
David Spindler; Reporting>>: The university's Student Activities Office or S-A-O held the two-day Pop Con event Friday and Saturday. Pop Con is U-A-F's version of Comic Con that celebrates pop culture - everything from video gaming to movies and anime. It's an opportunity for not just U-A-F students but everyone to share their interests. Ian Coglan, who recently moved up to Fairbanks, says he was excited to have heard about Pop Con.
Ian Coglin; Portrayed the Lone Survivor, Fallout 4>>: "Fallout games are some of my favorite games, way up there with some of my favorites and I wanted to do a Fallout cosplay and I heard Pop Con. I found out about this literally a week ago when I found out. I've made costumes before so I already had the materials that I needed. I just scrambled and made this rifle, bought the suit, and made a little armor pieces and stuff and was ready to go."
David Spindler; Reporting>>: The cosplay contest this year at Pop Con brought together a variety of interesting movie or TV characters. Those who entered the contest had to identify and portray their character to the best of their ability in order to impress the judges. The panel of judges ranked them based on how true they were to the characters they played. One of the top three finalists was Trisha Widmayer.
Trisha Widmayer; Portrayed Daenerys Targeryen, Game of Thrones>>: "I was very unexpected. I haven't won a cosplay contest before so I literally wasn't expecting to. There's a lot of great cosplayers here in Fairbanks and I am very proud to be one of them."
David Spindler; Reporting>>: Widmayer says she chose her character from Game of Thrones because of how much creativity was required to make her outfit, a process that took at least a month.
Trisha Widmayer; Portrayed Daenerys Targeryen, Game of Thrones>>: "One of my favorite things about here is I love all her dresses too. And this is one of her outfits from the latest season that I absolutely love. Also the fur jacket that I made as well."
Coglan says he hopes Pop Con at UAF will continue to grow strong.
Ian Coglin; Portrayed the Lone Survivor, Fallout 4>>: "I hope Pop Con continues to grow as well. It's my understanding that it has I think every year. I love the vendors that we have here I didn't even know we had vendors like this here in Fairbanks."
David Spindler; Reporting>>: David Spindler reporting.