Unity Outreach Inc. of North Pole to add new soup kitchen and supply center for emergencies

Unity Outreach, Inc., at 6 Mile Badger Road, provides emergency housing, meals on wheels, and food boxes for those in need.
Starting October 30th, however, the local non-profit will open its doors to the public, serving food from the newly established soup kitchen.
The supply center, where people can pick up anything from screws to chandeliers, all at no cost, will open as well.
Board chair Barbie Baumgartner, more commonly known as Sister Barbie, was crucial in renovating the facilities at Badger Road Christian Fellowship church, where the facilities are located.
She told us why Unity Outreach decided to open up the shop.

Sister Barbie; Unity Outreach, Inc. >> "We do a lot of emergency projects, and so a lot of the items are already kind of earmarked for community, for disaster, for fire. We've got several of those types of projects going on, but the rest of it that we can't use on those kind of projects, we needed to open the store to be able to give back to the community. So when you come to Unity supply center, you just come and receive."