United Way toy drive seeks community support

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The United Way of the Tanana Valley's annual Toy Drive has reached its halfway mark, but there is still a need for gifts for teens.
According to Whitney Malin from the Madden Realty group, toys are being delivered to all of the drop off points, with most of them being for younger children.
The age group that is still in need of help this year is the 'twelve and above' range.
Gift ideas for older kids and teens are small electronics, or gift cards for music or clothing.
At the end of the toy drive, all the gifts will be delivered to the United Way office, where representatives from member agencies will distribute the toys.
Executive Director, Bill Wright, discusses who benefits from the annual toy drive, while Human Resources Administrator for Thrivalaska, Lisa McDaniel, describes the significance of the toy drive to the families.
Bill Wright; Executive Director, UWTV>>: "The beneficiaries of the toy drive are those that are connected through the twenty agencies of the United Way. If, for examples, they are a special needs child, that would be going through Fairbanks Resource Agency, or if they're in the age range 0-5, birth to 5, those would be from Thrivalaska. The agencies are connected to people they serve, and those are the beneficiaries of the gifts that come in through the United Way Toy Drive."
Lisa McDaniel; HR Administrator, Thrivalaska>>: "The families that we serve are the neediest of the needy in Fairbanks and a lot of the time the families can't afford to buy toys for their children, so by being able to come and pick out a new toy for their child, that may be the only toy that their child gets that Christmas."