UWA Bazaar Showcases Local Crafts

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The 49th annual University Women's Association Holiday Bazaar kicked off Saturday at the Pioneer Park Centennial Center with more than 100 vendors showcasing Alaska-made products.
Among the products on display were homemade jellies, soaps, knit hats and scarves, and even wood carvings.
Chairwoman Pat Ivey talked about how this annual bazaar helps the university. "Registration fees fund UAF scholarships and to date, we have raised over 200,000 dollars since 1973," Ivey said.

There were also musical performances switching off every hour, helping get people in the holiday spirit.
One vendor, Macy Possenti, owner of Printworthy, said she was inspired to participate in the bazaar because she graduated from UAF, and felt it was a nice way to, in her words, "pay homage to her alma mater."

"I actually started print making back in college here at UAF," Possenti said, "and it was one of those things were I started out at one really small bazaar here locally and it was that first sale that really drove me to start doing more of it and realizing that I really liked the business side of this and the creativity and it was something that grew from there and I have been working on it for about 7 years now."