USO’s new facility officially open

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The United Service Organizations at Fort Wainwright held two ribbon cuttings today for their new pathfinder program and main facility.
Julia Laude takes us to the Army post to learn more.
Thursday was a big day for the United Service Organizations at Fort Wainwright.
"Our father, our Shepard, we dedicate this new USO center to your glory and to your service."
Both the new USO pathfinder program and main facility held a ribbon cutting to officially launch their service.
Troy Robison; Fort Wainwright Pathfinder Site Manager>>"We're open!"
The Pathfinder program helps active duty soldiers, reservists and guard members to transition into thriving veterans.
Services are completely free and spouses and dependents can also benefit from the program.
Troy Robison; Fort Wainwright Pathfinder Site Manager>>"For spouses our services are available to them anytime because we consider them in transition so we help them find things like employment, education. We do home buying workshops, finance readiness. We help with family strength and wellness volunteerism and V-A benefits. We like to connect people to those resources so they can have a more successful transition and it not be so stressful."
The new center provides free wifi access to video games and movies, and a variety of activities.
The ultimate goal is to provide a home away from home.
Tara Mogan; USO Alaska Center Director>>"For military families this is a lifelong commitment and it's not just the service member, it's the entire family that serves and at a time like we're having now, deployments, we do have troops deployed out of Fort Wainwright, the families in particular, they need something to do and someplace to go and in Alaska we have a lot of areas like Fort Wainwright and Fairbanks area that are cold and the environment is very harsh and so it limits being able to get out and to things and it limits the activities and options that you have. The USO center, not only does it provide a warm and engaging atmosphere and a place for the kids to play and enjoy themselves, it's a place for the service members to come together with their buddies and play pool and play darts even for training in our conference room but it also provides a place for the families to find refuge and come together and relax"
Major Gen. Laurie Hummel; Alaska National Guard>>"I know that we can always count on the U-S-O to represent the best the country has to offer."
This is Julia Laude reporting.