UPDATE: UAF Spokesperson makes statement on UA system HR lay-offs

FAIRBANKS, Alaska The University of Alaska laid off its human resources department yesterday as part of an HR restructuring. All current employees will lose their jobs on September 14th unless they reapply.

According to a statement from the University, the change comes as UAF works to centralize their operations and cut costs.

The 48 current HR employees will be able to reapply for the new jobs on May 13th. Robbie Graham, a spokesperson for UA systems said that most of the positions will still be available after the restructure, but possibly under a different title.

The statement says that giving an early notice will give people the time to make decide their next steps and either reapply or find a new job.

Graham says the redesign has been planned for a while and isn't a direct result of the budget.

"The redesign has been in the works for a long time, trying to move the university into a more modern structure for human resources. So as it pertains to the budget, of course, we are always mindful of what our budget number is going to be from the state and that is why we are still working on positions and the number of positions that will be offered," said Graham.

Original Story:

The UA system has announced a total restructuring of the Human Resources Department system-wide. A statement on the UA website said the following:

“As a necessary first step in that process, all main campus and Statewide human resources employees were given official layoff notice on May 6, effective September 14, 2019. Early notification ensures employees have enough time to consider their options, review and apply for positions in the new organizational structure, and allows for the maximum utilization of benefits, resources and support during the transition period.”

The full statement can be read at: https://sites.google.com/alaska.edu/hr-transition