UAF puts on 25th annual Science Potpourri event

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The University of Alaska Fairbanks put on its 25th annual Science Potpourri event, with thousands of people turning out to get a glimpse of the work that scientists do.
With demonstrations in every field - from biology to physics, chemistry, and even veterinary medicine - event planners and volunteers made sure there was something for everyone.
The all-ages event had a live volcano, nitrogen ice cream, a lava pour, and some good-old slime making taking up every floor of the Reichardt building.
Department Chair for UAF Chemistry and Biochemistry, Tom Green, and Stock Room Manager for the UAF Chemistry Department, Jacy Pietsch, both talked about why they think Science Potpourri is a great event.
Tom Green; Department Chair for UAF Chemistry and Biochemistry>>: "This is an opportunity for young children and their families and other people to get in there and get hands on experience with some different kinds of science."
Jacy Pietsch; UAF Stock Room Manager for Department of Chemistry>>: "It is just a really fun time, scientists get to come out and show an aspect of their field that normally the public doesn't get to see, so it's a really fun time to see an inside glimpse of all the different possible things that scientists do."