UAF program aims to get girls into the field on science-focused expeditions

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - UAF is offering a tuition-free expedition for girls interested in exploring the wilderness this summer.
Girls ages 16 and 17 can pick their 12 day adventure from hiking glaciers in Alaska, summiting mountains in Colorado, or ice climbing in Washington.
The program uses science and art to explore the wilderness, teach leadership skills, and empower teenage girls.
Organizers say this free opportunity gives girls a chance to push themselves in extreme situations, build friendships, and learn from their team mates.
Chris Carr; Instructor>>: "One of the main goals of Inspiring Girls Expedition is to increase the participation of women in the field sciences that have been traditionally dominated by men. And so toward that goal, we are a girls-only program."
Emilie Sinkler; Instructor>>: "We really want to bring a broad range of girls into this program. We're also looking for a diversity of hobbies and interests, so it's not necessarily going to be all girls who are big science nerds or straight-A students, or anything like that. We really want to bring in lots of different girls to this program so they can not only learn from us, but we can all learn from each other."
Girls that will be 16 or 17 years old by June 1st can apply online at ''.
The cutoff date is January 19th.