UAF opens new engineering building to community in weekend event

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In recognition of national engineering week, UAF celebrated by opening the doors of its new building to the public.
Guests explored the world of engineering with hands-on activities and demonstrations at UAF's new engineering facility.
Student clubs and organizations were set up around the building so people could walk through, discover, and engage with stations on engineering subjects - including civil, mechanical, electrical, petroleum and mining.
Participants constructed candy catapults, gum drop bridges, and 'concrete' playdoh.
They played a student-made virtual reality game, operated various robots, and more.
Participants told us today's event was meant to get kids and adults excited about the world of engineering.
Joe Alloway; Event Director>>: "So happy to see not just little kids but older kids, our future students and their parents and grandparents just here joining us."
Eric LaMesjerant; Event Menotr & Coordinator>>: "It's a great experience. Parents love seeing their kids making the bridge just doing something constructive. The kids love it. They get to play with food but they're learning at the same time and that's what we're all about."
Kassie Petersen and Abigail Wohlford; Participants>>: "We were making playdoh and I was helping all day today starting since like 10:00, 10:30. It was a fun day." - Kassie Petersen
"I've done the gum drop bridges, candy catapults, robots, paper airplanes and lots of other things."-Abigail Wohlford
"I like the cars because it's fun just to like control them. And I like watching everybody having fun."- Kassie Petersen
"My favorite is the candy catapults because you actually get to build the catapults and launch candy."