UAF hosts 2017 Convocation

The University of Alaska Fairbanks hosted its 2017 Convocation today by welcoming in new students, highlighting UAF achievements and shedding some light on the school's budget.

The convocation speech was given by UAF's new Chancellor, Daniel White.
White began his career at the university in 1995 as a professor of civil and environmental engineering and has since served several other positions at UAF.

He talked about the past 100 years and recognized UAF as the leader in the world in Arctic Research.

White also talked about enrollment, and while overall enrollment is down this year, several programs, including online studies, enrollment numbers are up.

White touched on the budget issues at UAF and around the state. White encourages faculty and students to be innovative.

"I'm excited, this is my first year as chancellor, I've been at this University for 22 years. I t's just an exciting time for us, this is our first year of our new centennial. We have challenges and we talked about challenges today, the budget is clearly a challenge. Some of the implications of a declining state budget for the university is challenges with enrollment. This is a great University, opportunities that you don't get anywhere else, so we are excited about the year, excited about the students that are here and the research being done."