UAF food pantry helps ease budget stress for students

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - For college students, it can be tough to earn money and manage a tight budget. UAF wants to relieve some stress for students by offering a free food pantry. Here's more in this report.
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Every year the number of students who benefit from UAF's food pantry increases. But they're biggest hurdle is receiving a consistent number of donations.
Lisa Latronica; Student Activities Coordinator>>: "It's not just that were getting more people, it's that they're coming more often. So we know that cost of tuition and cost of living is going up so it's hard for our students to make their ends meet. And if our goal is to keep students in school and make sure they're leading healthy successful lives, having a healthy meal is such a huge part of that. And I was that student who needed that extra help so I know how important it is and how great it can be to have that resource on campus."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: It's common for college students face financial difficulties, but any student in need can benefit from the food pantry.
Amy Cross; Diversity and Precention Coordinator>>: "As we had more days, it becomes more assessable to students but it's really available to anyone. They don't need to be low income; they don't need to show that they have need. People come across tough times and it's just important that this is available to students I think."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Each week they can receive a bag of food that includes canned goods, like fruit and vegetables, pasta, soups and protein. But lately the food pantry has been low.
Lisa Latronica; Student Activities Coordinator>>: "Because we have so many students coming through, every time we run a food drive it feels like it's gone in a week or two. We take monetary donations so Amy and I can go shopping and pick up what we need."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: They're also accepting nonperishable, shelf stable food items. And anyone can donate to the food pantry on campus.
Amy Cross; Diversity and Precention Coordinator>>: "Theirs boxes in place like Butrovich, academic advising, student support services, so they're kind of allover campus. If students or faculty or staff that wants to donate but don't come across a box, they can always bring things to the wood center front desk or to Lisa or me in our offices."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Lisa says many students rely on this service, and they often react positively with gratitude.
Lisa Latronica; Student Activities Coordinator>>: "It's great to see them so excited when they come to get they're food. And they're really happy and they're always really thankful. And it's really awesome to see that we're impacting them in that positive way."
Katie Luper; Reporting>>: Reporting from UAF, I'm Katie Luper.