UAF engineering students developing device to fight plane germs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A group of UAF engineering students is developing a conceptual model to use inside an aircraft, which may help reduce sicknesses acquired when traveling.
The group has a cutting-edge 'holographic computer' that allows tits members to work and design in a virtual 3D space.
They're using that tech to help them develop a personal-use device you can wear that uses HEPA filters and fans.
The glasses will help them model and map the airflow inside the plane.
Engineering student, Evan Denty, can see a 3D model in the glasses, and control the program with hand gestures.
What he sees is also projected on the TV.
Evan Denty; Mechanical Engineering Student>>: "So it scans the real environment you're in and it looks like just a 3D object like something you would have in your hand and hold so we can visualize that. I can interact with this and I can really see what's going on. I can take a step inside and see the pistons, how they're operating. I can look it at it from the side view. And this way I don't have to do any cross cut of planes to view what's inside my model or my design and just really see what's going on."