UAF dedicates new engineering building

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Last week the University of Alaska Fairbanks held a formal ceremony to celebrate the opening of the new engineering building.
David Spindler has the story.
Jim Johnson; President of the UA System>>: "Two years and a lot of hard work later, we stand here today the hundredth anniversary of this great university. Celebrating this beautiful facility and that collaboration."
A combination of years of construction and patience to help get the building funded, designed, and constructed came together in a successful dedication for the college of engineering and mines' newest building. President of the University of Alaska System Jim Johnson shared his gratitude at the ceremony.
Jim Johnson; President of the UA System>>: "It's certain to me that our future success will come from collaboration. Collaboration among all of us here today who get that it takes a great university to build a great state."
Construction on the new engineering building came to a halt in 2015 due to a lack of funding from the Legislature. In September 2016 the Board of Regents approved a bond to help complete the construction of the building. Construction resumed almost immediately. Dean of the College of Engineering and Mines Douglas Goering says the added space and up-to-date technology will give future UAF engineer students some real world projects to work on.
Douglas Goering; Dean, College of Engineering and Mines>>: "It's nearly going to double the amount of space we have available on the UAF campus for engineering and it's really allowing them access to labs that are designed to build things. So much more hands on activity that will be able to support with this building. We have essentially what are really could be called maker spaces in the building that will allow our students to work on competitive projects."
Goering says he's certain the future of engineering students coming to UAF will greatly benefit the university.
Douglas Goering; Dean, College of Engineering and Mines>>: "So we expect that we will see increasing interest in engineering at UAF because of this building and that over time will have more and more students frequently in the halls of this brand new facility."
David Spindler reporting.