UAF cuts Economics program

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Due to continued budget cuts in the University of Alaska system, some degree programs are on the chopping block.

The University of Alaska Fairbanks recently dissolved its Economics degree program.

The Economics major was the smallest program in the School of Management at UAF.
The provost and the dean of the School of Management were involved with making the recommendation to the UA Board of Regents to remove the degree program.
All students who were enrolled in the Economics major will graduate from UAF with little change.

The Dean of The School of Management, Mark Herrmann, says the focus continues to be on providing quality education for students.

"If they really want the economic major, we can work with them for a couple years and for instance, if they wanted to go down to Anchorage and finish their degree, we're working very closely with Anchorage right now. Also if they want to stay here and take more additional courses they we no longer offer, online they're certainly welcome to do that too but we are still going to service students the best way we can. They'll have economic professors, they'll have courses, they'll have their business degrees and our students are doing very well."