UAF celebrates Engineering Week

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - It's national engineering week, and UAF is celebrating by opening the doors of their new building to the public.
Guests can explore the world of engineering with hands-on activities and demonstrations at UAF's new engineering facility.
Student clubs and organizations will be set up around the building, so people can walk through, discover, and engage with stations on engineering subjects - including civil, mechanical, electrical, petroleum and mining.
The event is tomorrow from 11 to 3.
Joe Alloway, the event director, told us what we can expect.
Joe Alloway; Event Director>>: "We're going to be building little candy catapults and launching candy and teaching a little about trigonometry and trajectory. We're going to be driving around robots and like rovers that are designed for NASA. And we're going to be doing VR games. So we have a student designed virtual reality game that students will be able to play up on the fourth floor. We're going to be reverse engineering paper airplanes and teaching young people in particular that there's more than one way to fly a plane. And just lots of fun stuff like that."