UAF Photography Professor showcases Interior's abandoned mines

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Last week, the University Alaska Museum of the North held a first Friday event, showcasing photography of old mines throughout the Interior of Alaska.

Adjunct Professor of Photography at UAF, Jason Lazarus, documented abandoned mines over the past few years in photographs.

His art show was called 'Stories Fading Fast: Capturing the remnants of Alaska's Gold Rush'.

According to Lazarus, when he started going out to the mines, he immediately felt like there was something left behind.
His main objective was collecting, in pictures, what remnants were abandoned.

At the same time, he also tried to infuse each picture with a story or two.
His photos are a blend of both film and digital medium.
Lazarus explained what his photography show is about.

"So it really varies. I've got a lot of stories that focus on kind of a personal effects that are left behind. Everything from women's valor hat to a alphabet block from a child's toy. Mainly because I've wanted to show that these mines aren't just some collection of grizzled old Alaskan men that are out there. It's also families. It's a lot of our rich history out there so it's everything from personal letters to little chunks of paper in photographs. Everything that I found out at the mines and trying to link it to the people that may have lived there."