UAF's class of 2020 holds virtual commencement

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Adaptability, perseverance and grit.

Those are all words that were used to describe the 2020 graduating class from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

And while there was no in-person commencement, staff and students did what their class will forever be known for -- they persevered.

Here are just a few of the video messages during the 98th UAF commencement ceremony.

“There is no doubt we are living through a historic moment. This pandemic has created unique hurtles for us all, but just as courage requires fear, I have seen my fellow students rise to the occasion and overcome these obstacles working with both clarity and purpose. The fact that we are here today proves our grit, our drive and our tenacity.”
-Max Erickson, Class of 2020

“Welcome to my front yard, and your commencement, congratulations class of 2020.”
-David Valentine, CNSM

“You’ve gone the distance on one of life’s big challenges!”
-Brian O’Donoghue, CLA

“These kinds of situations teach you to be really strong and resilient and I have no doubt you will do wonderful things in your lives.”
-Daisy Huang, CEM

“My name is Dr. Celaire and I am chair of the music department. I just wanted to take this moment to send a huge congratulations!”
-Jaunelle Celaire, CLA

“Dear UAF graduates! Congratulations! You made it to the top!
-Hajo Eicken, Director, International Arctic Research Center

“There is no such thing as a sub-optimal graduation, you have earned this, you have worked hard, you have been diligent, you have been creative, you have been involved and as a direct result, you are graduating!”
-Alexander Hirsch, Director Honors College

“I would like to congratulate you, shake your hand as I would do if we were actually at graduation and to in fact, throw up the hat and say good luck for your next endeavor.”
-Denise Thorsen, CEM

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