Two unrelated crimes occurred at Creamers Field last week

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska Creamers Field saw its share of crime last week as multiple people were arrested for two unrelated incidents at the popular birding area.

Aiden Musser was arrested for first degree assault Thursday after he threw a knife at a juvenile victim, stabbing him in the arm. Police say the victim was involved in an argument with Musser over his ex-girlfriend. During the argument Musser went to his vehicle and got a fish fillet knife. When the victim tried to walk away, Musser threw the knife at him.

The victim was taken to Fairbanks memorial hospital with likely- damage to the radial nerve of his right arm.

The previous day Byron Hicks and Dominic Gray where arrested for robbery in the first degree after they pulled a gun on a 17 and 18 year old who were about to walk their dog.

Charging documents say that they walked up to the car and demanded that one of the victims give them her bag. When she refused, they pulled a gun and tried to grab the bag. One of the victims started punching the suspects arm to get him to let go, while the other victim started backing out.

Police arrested them and charged them with robbery.