Two Senate Picks Out in 24 Hours Amid Appointment Chaos

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A wild 24 hours has seen two nominees, for the same vacant seat in the Alaska Senate, disqualified from consideration.
Yesterday, Alaska Senate Republicans voted down Governor Bill Walker's pick for the vacant Senate seat.
They scolded the governor for not picking from among the three options the party put forward for consideration.
In response, Walker picked one of the three names on the list, Thomas Braund, saying he didn't endorse Braund but wanted to pick a candidate the party supported.
After it became public that Braund made statements about executing doctors who perform abortions, Braund withdrew from consideration this afternoon.
He said his statements didn't contribute to his choice, but that he is a care provider for a friend, which is a major time commitment.
Republicans have replaced Braund on their list of recommendations with Vicki Chaffin Wallner.