Troopers warn of phone scammers pretending to be from federal grant department

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Another phone scam is going around the Interior.
This time the caller pretends they are from the "Federal Government Grant Department" and calls from a Washington DC area code.

One of the victims, Christina Moore, said this scammer began calling her at around 7:30 Friday morning, and continued calling her cell phone half a dozen times before she answered.

Once the scammer got her on the phone, he already knew Moore's name and identified himself as Max Smith.

Smith claimed he was from the Federal Government Grant Department, and was offering Moore a $9,700 grant.

All she had to do was pay what he called a "Government Activation fee."

Moore says the scammer told her to get a 250 dollar reloadable card at Walmart.

"They had a script, they were very good at their job, they were very smooth talk, very good at what they were doing. There could be someone that says, 'Hey, I need this $9,700.' I immediately contacted the Trooper Dispatch to find out if they had heard about this and they said they hadn't heard anything about it yet, but anything that starts with, you have to go and buy a money card is generally a scam."

The Alaska State Troopers say never to send money to an unknown person, and to contact AST if you have any questions or want to make a report about a scam.