Trial for man accused of sexually abusing babysitter comes to a close

Con Compton took the stand as he attempted to defend himself from sexual misconduct charges. (John Dougherty/KTVF)

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The trial for a man accused of sexually assaulting his babysitter has come to a close. Con Compton, 34, is charged with 8 counts of sexual assault and sexual abuse of a minor.

According to the state, after he met the 16-year-old girl through a dating website, he had her come over to watch his kids.

Compton took the stand Thursday to defend himself against accusations that he had groped the babysitter in December of 2018.

The alleged victim says that at some point in the night, he began to feel her chest and try to put his hands in her pants.

Compton said not only did he not touch her, but he claims that she touched him. Compton says he told her to stop, and encouraged her not to be on dating apps.

"Because she was underage I didn't want her thinking that it was going to be that kind of a situation. I was very specific with her about how it was the wrong kind of app for an under-aged kid to be on," Compton said.

After Compton testified, both sides presented their closing arguments.

Deputy District Attorney, Risa Leonard, emphasized to the jury that Compton wasn't trustworthy, and that he had lied. She also referred again to texts between the defendant and complaining witness, which she said showed he was flirting with the girl.

Compton disputed these charges and said she was the one flirting.

Defense attorney, Amy Bennett, claimed that the complaining witness was lying, and that she had made up the story because she didn't get what she wanted. She also called into question the troopers investigation of the case, and the evidence they collected.

In the end, both sides appealed the Jury.

"When it mattered, she told her sister to keep her safe. When it mattered, she told the police. And when it mattered, she told the truth. Thank you," said Leonard

"We ask that you consider each of the counts carefully... and at the end of it we ask that you find that the state has not proved their case beyond a reasonable doubt... and we ask that you find the defendant Mr. Compton not guilty. Thank you," Bennett said.

The Jury began deliberating shortly after noon. We will follow up on this story when a verdict is reached.

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