Trial Begins for Anchorage Man Accused in 2015 Murder of John Kavairlook

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Opening arguments began today in Fairbanks Superior Court at the murder trial of an Anchorage man accused in the May 2015 shooting outside Rock N Rodeo that left one person dead.
25 year old Patrick Burton-Hill is on trial for the murder of 23 year old John Kavairlook.
After three days of jury selection, both the prosecution and defense attorney presented their opening arguments to the jury this afternoon.
The two sides presented different arguments, using the same security footage from the night the alleged attack took place.
Burton-Hill is one of four men charged in the murder, but the only one standing trial.
State prosecutors say Burton-Hill was the one who pulled the trigger.

David Buattner; Assistant District Attorney>>"So, according to several witnesses that you will hear from in this case, what happened was, there was a bar fight in Rock N Rodeo. Unfortunately Rock N Rodeo doesn't have security cameras, so that fight was not captured. Words started going back and forth, pretty soon it escalated and another scuffle broke out. A bar fight, essentially, outside this time."