Transgender community holds remembrance vigil

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Students from the University of Alaska Fairbanks joined together yesterday for the 'Transgender Day of Remembrance' to honor all of the lives lost this year.
Join us as we hear what these students had to say.
"Paola Bracho, Michele Rios, Patricia Araujo."
Syd Paulino; UAF Student>>: "We do this vigil every year and it's a tradition that we keep up in order to remember that transgender people are an integral part of our community and we will always love and support them."
"Evelin Ferrari, Lilly, Daniele Jesus Lafon, Flávia Natasha, Barbara."
Patrick Knavel; UAF Student>>: "I came out to memorialized and celebrate my trans siblings who lost their lives in the past year."
Syd Paulino; UAF Student>>: "I've had a lot of trans people in my life and I particularly identify as gender fluid and so just knowing that there's a community for people and then there are resources that are willing to reach out and provide help is a great solace."
"Ally Lee Steinfeld, Licking, Missouri. Stephanie Montez, Robstown, Texas."
Patrick Knavel; UAF Student>>: "I would say to people who aren't struggling, reach out to the people that you know. Let them know that you're here and that you love them and that they're important and valid."
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