This summer ranked 4th warmest in recorded history

According to reports, Fairbanks has experienced its 4th warmest summer on record.

The meteorological summer spans the months of June, July, and August.

During these months, meteorologists record the highest and lowest temperatures for each day, and average them out over the course of the summer.
They use the final number in determining the overall average temperature for the season.

The average temperature for this year was 62 degrees, while the while the warmest- ever average temperature was 64 degrees in 2004.

Overnight low temperature averages for the two years sit at 52 and 54 degrees respectively.

National Weather Service Lead Forecaster, Ryan Metzger, explained how warmer overnight temperatures were a factor in the warmer- than- average summer.

"Kind of the main contributor here was the overnight lows, and at least impart, that can be attributed to Fairbanks has grown, over the course of time. So, you know, cities typically have higher minimum temperatures than, than the surrounding rural areas."