The stress of losing a phone

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Many of us would probably say we’re addicted to our smartphones. They’re always on hand, and we check them constantly throughout the day. But now a new study shows just how strong our attachment has gotten. A U.K. survey of over 2,000 people showed that they find the idea of losing a phone about as stressful as a terrorist threat.

Respondents ranked different life events on a stress scale of 1 to 10. Shockingly, losing a smartphone came in less than a tenth of a point behind a terrorist threat.

Stress is a natural response to dangers in our environment, but too much stress over time is bad for you, and the thought of losing a phone doesn’t need to add to that. Back up your phone regularly so you don’t have to worry about lost info if you misplace it. And try leaving your phone at home for a day to remind yourself you can survive without it. We have enough sources of anxiety in our life. It’s time to cross our phones off that list.