The importance of mental health during the coronavirus pandemic

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Social distancing, social isolation, quarantine, words that a few short months ago had almost no role in conversations are now the reality of daily life. With all of this focus on staying physically healthy, we can forget about our mental health.


Michaela Cameron, with the Fairbanks Community Mental Health Service, says that many people are suffering from anxiety during this time.

“There is a really high degree of uncertainty happening right now. People are suffering losses in a lot of different ways,” said Cameron.

She said that it's important to take care of mental health so you can continue to take care of yourself, your family, and the community. One big problem she sees is that many people's hobbies involved spending time with others while doing things. She encourages people to find new hobbies they can do alone, and to make sure they go outside and stay active to take their minds off anxiety.

Cameron said if you are lonely to reach out to friends and family.

"And not only is that a great way to create or rekindle those connections but reaching out socially is a really great way to manage that anxiety and just realizing that number one you are not in this alone even though you might feel isolated right now," Cameron said.

Cameron also said there are lots of apps that can help with boredom, available for free.

She said if someone is really struggling they can call the Fairbanks Community Mental Health Service and they have staff there 24-hours a day who can help. (907) 371-1300

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