The Long running Hawk Shop TV Show to Air its Final Episode

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) It's the ending of an era.
Alaska's premier "garage sale" show is having its final episode tomorrow.

The Hawk Shop TV Show has been running live on KFXF Channel 7 since 2008.

The programs offered a place where interior buyers and sellers could get in direct contact with each other. The business has been family oriented since day one. The Host, David Hawkins, has been volunteering alongside his son Andrew Hawkins, who directs the show.

Together the two did more than just market items -- they re-united lost pets, helped inform the public about available resources, worked with non-profits and of course…made folks laugh.

After 12 years The show is set to have its final episode Sunday on KFXF Channel 7 at 4 pm.