The City of Fairbanks readies to reopen to the public

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The City of Fairbanks is getting ready to reopen to the public.

Mayor Jim Matherly discusses the reopening of the public and private sectors in Fairbanks. (KTVF)

According to City of Fairbanks Mayor Jim Matherly, city employees are due to report back to work on June 1. He notes, however, that masking policies will be put into place for all to follow.

“They’re going to be masking up in the common hallways and common areas,” said the mayor during an interview. “When they get back to their own desks, they can certainly take them off to get work done.”

He added that on-duty police officers and firefighters would also be wearing masks on calls and when helping the public.

City departments will also reopen to the public on June 4, the mayor says. He adds that health safety protocols are currently being worked on for the public to follow when in City buildings.

Matherly also added that processing fees the City has been waving throughout the COVID-19 pandemic will still be waived throughout the month of June. Residents wishing to inquire about the fees should contact the City for details.

“Some people may not want to come into City Hall and be nervous,” the mayor says. “I understand there’s still anxiety around opening, so I don’t want to force people into paying fees.”

He says that June will be a month for observation as the City reopens.

“We’re going to gauge how June goes,” says Matherly. “If during the month of June there’s any kind of uptick then we can go right back to what we were doing before. We’re leaving the infrastructure in place for people that worked at home because it was wildly successful, and as a result we only had 1 positive case of COVID among all the employees.”

No public committee meetings will be held during the month of June, the mayor says. City Council is set for a special session on May 26, the City Finance Committee is set to meet on June 9, and the next regular council meeting is scheduled for June 15. All other committee meetings have been canceled according to the City website.

Matherly says he will allow the state mandates and self-governance to determine how the private sector handles reopening.

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