The Church of Latter Day Saints showcasing many cultures and the way that they celebrate 'Christmas'

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Yesterday and today, members of the community were invited to the church to view an array of different scenes.
Each room was themed, with a room being dedicated to international nativities.
Some of the countries included were Mexico, Korea, Germany, Russia, and Kenya.
All of the scenes were similar, with the biggest difference being each character was made in the likeness of the citizens in each country.
There was even a room dedicated to Alaskan Nativities, lit up with a northern lights simulation.
State President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Ryan Boland, talked about why they put on the "Nativities from around the World".

Ryan Boland; State President of The Church >> "The "Nativities around the World" is a program that we started a few years ago where we wanted to bring the community together to not only share nativity scenes from around the world but to also share good Christmas music, share the spirit of Christ's birth with all of our friends here in the community."