The Better Business Bureau warns of phony computer fixes

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Better business bureau is warning consumers that thieves, mainly out of the country, are scamming consumers into buying phony fixes for their home and business computers.
People are being lured into the fraud by one of four ways: pop-up ads on their computers, unsolicited phone calls from a "technician" claiming to have detected problems in their home computer, ransomware attached to email, or by false internet search links.
To avoid being taken for a ride, the BBB recommends asking callers for their name and company ID, then calling the company's official number, *not the one the caller provided.
The Bureau also says to check website addresses and be sure you are on the official site, not a look-alike.
If you do get scammed, BBB Alaska Marketplace manager, Michelle Tabler, says there are things you can do.
Michelle Tabler; BBB Alaska Regional Manager>>: "If they have given their credit card information, they of course want to call the credit card company and cancel that card. They want to change their passwords right away to any accounts or machines that the scammer has or could access during the scam. They want to make sure they have up-to-date anti-virus software on their computers and that they're using it and that it's actually going through and doing virus scans, because that's the first line of defense. We are telling people, don't panic right away, it's possible your machine can be fixed, but to do those things right away."
Tabler also says to report all scams to the B-B-B Scam tracker at '