Tenn. high school paints over mirrors after students spend too much time in bathrooms

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WTVC/CNN) - A Tennessee high school is apologizing after an administrator had the bathroom mirrors painted over because so many students were late to class.

The Hamilton County School District says the school had the mirrors painted over because students spend too much time in the bathroom rather than in class. (Source: Facebook/WTVC/CNN)

Students and parents from Central High School in Chattanooga, Tenn., complained after the mirrors in the school’s bathrooms were painted over so they couldn’t be used.

On Friday, the principal left a school-wide voicemail and sent an email, saying the paint had been removed.

The Hamilton County School District says an administrator at the high school told a worker to paint the mirrors. The district is not identifying who that administrator or staff member is.

The district says the school took such measures because students spend too much time in the bathroom rather than in class.

School board member Steve Highlander says parents called, emailed and messaged him on Facebook about the issue. He called the school and was assured they were handling it.

Shelby Campbell, a Central alumna whose sister currently attends the school, says her mother filed a formal complaint Friday with the district. She says the principal’s email about the paint’s removal came just hours later.

Campbell believes the covered mirrors caused more harm than good.

“Being able to walk in and make sure nothing is in your teeth or make sure your makeup is fine or your hair isn’t crazy, you can walk out confidently. There’s already so much going on with bullying and poor self-image in high school,” she said.

Campbell says all schools should follow tardiness policies by the book, rather than greet students with the unexpected.

"If they would just enforce the rules they already have, this issue might not have even occurred,” she said.

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