Tattoo Expo opens for the weekend in Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) It's the opening day at the Ink Masters Tattoo Show at the Westmark and hundreds of Fairbanks’ locals have already joined in to be a part of the event.

Corry Cloniger (left) and Joelene Horning (right), two shop owners and mothers from the Anchorage based shop Tattoo Therapy, visit the Master's Tattoo Show here in Fairbanks August 16th, 2019. (Carly Sjordal/KTVF)

This is the first time Ink masters has put on a Tattoo expo in Fairbanks and the excitement from the community is showing. Because the artists were in such high demand, the show had to open an hour earlier than expected.

The showcase provides a variety of different tattoo artists from all around the world to display an array of talents and styles, including some local Alaskan talent.

Corry Cloniger and Joelene Horning, two shop owners and mothers from the Anchorage based shop Tattoo Therapy commented on the growing tattoo culture in Alaska.

"It is becoming like a tattoo studio-like a coffee shop, on every corner. I pursue the idea that is getting bigger just because there's so many styles and different types of artists. There's black and Grey, there's the new school, there's just any kind of art you could possibly think that's being thrown onto a canvas." Said Horning.

With such a variety of different tattooing styles in one place, the expo has an immense amount of not only specifically tattoos, but traditional medium artwork to display, such as the pieces from Valid Gallery Tattoos. Gallery owner Elijah young was there to talk about the artists at her shop, saying:

"Not only are we a tattoo gallery but we're an art gallery as well. First and foremost all of our artists are healthy good artists before they even start tattooing."

Talking to the expo customers, many seemed to be there for the sake of curiosity.

For D'even Vail, who was in the process of finishing a tattoo on her upper arm it was about the opportunity to find a good artist so that she could display her tattoo for an upcoming event.

"I heard about it on Facebook and I've been wanting to get my tattoo done before my wedding in November so I wanted to be an 'inked' bride so here I am. First opportunity that arose so now I'm here”, Said Vail.

According to Horning, the Tattoo Masters expo helps introduce tattoos and artists to the general public as it begins to catch on to the mainstream.

The Tattoo Masters show will continue until Sunday the 18th at the Westmark.

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