Tanana Chiefs Conference discuss climate change and Governors budget

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Tanana Chiefs Conference wrapped up it’s final day of meetings Thursday, with delegates and chiefs from six sub regions in Alaska, coming together to discuss major issues that impact 39 villages across Alaska. TCC Chief Chairman, Victor Joseph says the conference is a great way to get together with tribal councils from all the regions with everyone together to discuss how to move forward
as a company, and advocate for protections that are needed. Topics ranged from climate change, hunting and fishing regulations, to the governors proposed budget. Joseph says topics like these not only effect the native people of Alaska and their livelihood, but has a ripple effect on everyone across the state.

Joseph says there has been a lot of hot topics like climate change that has had an impact on habitats and food resources in rural areas. He says people have to get rid of the idea that climate change is not a real issue. He says that in many areas Alaskans are seeing it first-hand. Secondly he says, they addressed hunting and fishing regulations, and food security. Joseph says as they see the changes, they are also seeing changes in the animals and other habitats, and that is very concerning.

On Thursday they spent a majority of the day discussing regulations. He says those resolutions are very important and sets the directives for having the Chiefs as an organization and how they move forward to address the needs of the people out in the rural communities.

"I think this week has been really exciting, as most conventions are and I just really like this time of the year, as we come together as a group of people and work on the issues that are in front of us. It's good energy, then we have the carnival happening tomorrow I believe, so that's going to be exciting, with the North American. It's all fun this week so, work and fun," said Joseph.