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ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Alaska State Troopers say three people have died after their snowmobiles broke through ice in northern Alaska.

Troopers say they were notified early Monday morning that several travelers on two snowmobiles had fallen through the ice. One of the travelers made it to Noatak and summoned help from searchers.

Troopers say one person was reported dead and two others unaccounted for.

Searchers found one of the missing travelers, who later died en route to a hospital in Kotzebue. Troopers say the second missing person was found dead shortly before 4 a.m. Monday.

The names of the three deceased travelers were not immediately disclosed.

The deaths come weeks after two Akiak men died after their all-terrain vehicles crashed through ice on the Kuskokwim River.

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Location: Fairbanks
Type: False Information/DWLR/VCOR

Dispatch Text:
On 4-13-19 at approximately 0300 hours, Alaska State Troopers received a report of a suspicious vehicle near Ballaine Road in Fairbanks. Troopers located the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop for an equipment violation. The driver was identified as Dennis Williford, age 59 of Fairbanks. During the initial contact, Dennis gave a false name to Troopers in an effort to conceal his identity. Dennis was arrested for False Information, DWLR, and three counts of Violation Conditions of Release. Dennis was remanded at FCC without incident.

Location: North Pole
Type: A4DV, CM5DV

Dispatch Text:
On 4/14/19 at approximately 0427 hours AST received a report of a possible domestic disturbance on Kimi St, North Pole. Elizabeth Pinard, age 30, of North Pole, was identified as an involved party. The investigation revealed Pinard physically assaulted a family member. Pinard was placed under arrest for Assault 4 DV and Criminal Mischief 5 DV. Pinard was transported and remanded to FCC with no bail.

Location: Fairbanks
Type: DUI(x3), MIW4

Dispatch Text:
On 4/14/19 at approximately 0149 hours Alaska State Troopers received reports of gunshots at the Alaska Dog Mushers Association (925 Farmers Loop Rd). The investigation revealed a large private party with evidence of on-site alcohol consumption and shooting in the parking area.
At approximately 0300 hours Alaska State Troopers and Fairbanks Police responded to the area of Farmers Loop and contacted multiple vehicles. Thomas Hudnall, age 20, of Fort Wainwright, was placed under arrest for DUI and remanded to FCC with no set bail. Robert Lee, age 23, of Fort Wainwright was placed under arrest for DUI and remanded to FCC with no set bail. FPD contacted a male driver, of Fort Wainwright, who was placed under arrest for DUI and MIW4. All persons were under command of United States Army Garrison Alaska (Fort Wainwright).

Location: Fairbanks
Type: VCOR

Dispatch Text:
On 4/14/19 at approximately 0141 hours AST conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of Steese Hwy and Airport Way. The driver was identified as Megan Stein, age 21, Fairbanks. The investigation revealed Stein was violating conditions of release. Stein was placed under arrest for VCOR and remanded to FCC with no bail. Controlled Substances were a contributing factor.

Location: Tok
Type: Resisting Arrest, Assault 4 on police, VCOR x4, Warrant Arrest
Dispatch Text:
On 04/15/2019 at about 0950 hours, Alaska State Troopers in Tok responded to a harassment report involving several intoxicated native males. AST contacted Jonathan Kade Tanner, 19 YOA of Tanacross. Investigation revealed Tanner had two outstanding arrest warrants and was also found to be violating conditions of release. AST attempted to arrest Tanner who resisted arrest and ultimately caused minor injuries to the arresting Troopers. Tanner was arrested for resisting arrest, Assault in the Fourth Degree on AST, Violating Conditions Of Release x4, and the two outstanding arrest warrants.

Location: Noatak
Type: SAR death inv X3

Dispatch Text:
Update: The deceased are identified as Jan Westlake, 36 of Noatak, Amber Westlake, 31 of Noatak, and Alexandria Howarth, 11 of Noatak. Next of kin for the three people have been notified.
On 4-15-19 Kotzebue AST received a call at 0108 hours from the Search and Rescue Coordinator in Noatak reporting two snow machines with several travelers had fallen through the ice. One of the travelers was able to get to Noatak and summon SAR help. One person was reported deceased and two people were reported to be unaccounted for. SAR volunteers responded to the location and found one of the persons reported as unaccounted for still alive. The person was taken to the Noatak Clinic and was medevacked to Kotzebue in serious condition. It was later reported that the person transported died at the hospital in Kotzebue. At around 0344 hours the other unaccounted for person was located deceased by SAR volunteers.
Troopers with AST and AWT responded to the community and are working on the investigation into the incident. The names of the deceased will be released after confirmation that the next of kin for the involved individuals has been notified.

Location: Nikiski
Type: Vehicle Theft 1, Burglary 1, Theft 2, Criminal Mischief 3, Forgery 2, VCOR, Obtaining a signature by deception

Dispatch Text:
On 4/11/19 at approximately 1321 hours, Soldotna Base AST received a report of a burglary after the fact at a residence in Nikiski. Investigation revealed the residence had been burglarized and a vehicle had been stolen. On 4/12/19, AST located the vehicle in Kenai and identified the driver as Andy Campos, age 57 of Kenai. Further investigation found Campos forged a document in an attempt to lease the property to an unsuspecting tenant. Campos was arrested and remanded to Wildwood Pretrial Facility for Vehicle Theft 1, Burglary 1, Theft 2, Criminal Mischief 3, Forgery 2, and Obtaining a signature by deception. No bail.

Location: Ketchikan
Type: Fail to salvage Mountain Goat meat

Dispatch Text:
On 3-14-2019 John Veit, 63 of Fairbanks, pled guilty to one count of fail to salvage the edible meat of a Mountain Goat and one count of bringing the hide and horns of that Mountain Goat out of the field before the edible meat. This incident took place inside the Deer Mountain drawing hunt area during the fall of 2017. Veit was sentenced in the District Court in Ketchikan to a total of $6300 in fines, two years of hunting revocation including not to be in the field with any other hunters during that time, two years probation with the conditions not to commit any fish and wildlife violations, and forfeiture of the Mountain Goat.