TCC Chairman speaks on issues facing state native community

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Tanana Chiefs Conference Chairman, Victor Joseph, was the keynote speaker at today's Rotary Club of Fairbanks luncheon.
With the upcoming T.C.C. meeting in March, Joseph took the opportunity to share the theme for 2018's 'Native New Year'.
One of his main concerns is the misconception that Native Alaskan communities do not contribute enough financially.
Joseph's presentation showed the financial impact of last year's T.C.C. convention, with the non-profit organization boosting the Fairbanks economy by bringing in 75-thousand dollars per day, which is roughly 500-thousand dollars for the week.
This year's theme for the meeting is "Working together for a stronger future."
Joseph says rapid climate change, drug and alcohol abuse, and financial uncertainty are just a few of the challenges that indigenous people are facing, and that he hopes to end the annual meeting with a feeling of unity.

Victor Joseph; Cheif/Chairman - T.C.C.>>"We know, as we have seen in our past, that when we're all together as one, just like the chiefs came together in 1915 to talk to Judge Wickersham, they came with a consistent message. They came together knowing that they can overcome the challenges when they unite, and that's the same thing we're looking at doing here and carrying the messages and our concerns forward, and looking at how do we change with these changing times that we're in and adapt to it at the same time."