Supreme Court hesitant to rule on Alaskan waterway, hover boat case

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Supreme Court heard arguments Monday regarding a case that has the potential to change the future of Alaska's waterways. The court was hesitant to rule on the National Park Service's authority to prevent the Alaskan moose hunter, John Sturgeon, from using his motorized hovercraft boat to access remote areas in Alaska.

Sturgeon filed the suit, arguing that the Park Service cannot enforce a national ban on amphibious vehicles on a river in Alaska, even though it runs through a national conservation area.

It has been 11 years since John Sturgeon was stopped by park rangers while hunting on the Yukon River on a hovercraft. The battle has been over whether or not the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, or ANILCA, prohibits the National Park service from having control over the state.