Superintendent Karen Gaborik renewing contract with FNSB

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The board has lengthened the three year employment contract with Gaborik, effective July 1st 2018 through June 30th 2021.
President Heidi Haas and then-Vice President Michael O'Brien worked with Gaborik to come to an agreement.
Across the state, the average pay for a Superintendent is roughly 175-thousand dollars.
Currently, Superintendent Gaborik's wage is 159-thousand dollars.
In her new contract, she will receive a 3.2 percent increase, which raises her to 165-thousand dollars.
In the past, the district has also provided Gaborik with a 13-thousand dollar expense account; however this money is heavily taxed, which doesn't leave much.
Instead, they are providing her with an 18- thousand- 500 dollar annuity payment each year.
O'Brien says Gaborik is well worth the investment.

Michael O'Brien; Board Vice President >> "We're very happy with Doctor Gaborik's performance. We've given her feedback on her performance and reflected the board's approval of her work and whether she's below or above that number doesn't reflect that she's better or worse than the average. I think we all agree that she's way above average. I don't like spending money but I don't mind investing money and that's how I would characterize this contract. Doctor Gaborik has done an excellent job. She is leading us in so many areas and not to be crass but if we we're to lose her or not have her in this position, recouping those gains and getting back up to speed, the cost of replacing her would far exceed any increases we're seeing in this contract."