Superintendent Karen Gaborik presents annual 'State of our Schools' report at Chamber

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Chamber members heard from Fairbanks School District Superintendent Karen Gaborik Tuesday.

Superintendent Karen Gaborik presented her annual 'State of our Schools' report during the Tuesday luncheon. During her speech she spoke about student enrollment, the budget and school district progress and initiatives.

"Our enrollment has been decreasing, so that is a challenge, and we are not too sure why, perhaps some economic uncertainty. We are hoping that things are going to turn around. The strategic plan has been a significant force in the school district so we have seen lots of new full day Kindergarten, K-8 options, e-learning, we've seen lots of new things come out of that strategic plan," she said.

Gaborik noted the district has seen an alarming dip in the graduation rate of Alaska Native students. She also talked about graduation rates, dispelling a myth that a student is considered a dropout if they take longer than four years to obtain their diploma.

"We just want to be sure you graduate. There is a four year graduation rate, there is a five year graduation rate and we have some students stay with us longer in some of our alternative programs," she said.

Gaborik also said she is excited to be working with an all new school board and she is optimistic about the future of the school district.