Students celebrate Peratrovich's fight for equality

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A woman who fought hard for the rights of Native Alaskan people, Elizabeth Peratrovich has become a symbol for equality.
Each year, the Native Student Union at the University of Alaska Fairbanks hosts an event to honor this civil rights activist, and highlight the work being carried on her spirit within the Native community.
Julia Laude joined in the celebration to learn more about this historic figure.
Gathered in the Brooks building on the UAF campus...
Evon Peter; Vice Chancellor - Rural, Community and Native Education>>"Welcome to [Troteadad], it's the name of the hill that we're on. Its part of the land of the Chena [ho tana] people. We want to acknowledge those peoples from this land, middle Tanana River area people and whose land we're on right now."
...the Native Student Union invited guests to celebrate Elizabeth Peratrovich and her work.
Peratrovich was a civil rights activist fighting for the equality of Alaska Natives.
Christina Edwin, Kk'odohdaatlno; Native Student Vice President>>"To honor Elizabeth Peratrovich and to talk about how segregation was a real thing in Alaska not even 100 years ago."
The night's theme brought a panel of Native women to speak about uplifting indigenous women.
Christina Edwin, Kk'odohdaatlno; Native Student Vice President>>"We do have the highest rates of domestic violence and rape in this nation however we like to change the narrative to see how to make change, systemic change and change from coming together across communities."
For Edwin and many within the Native Student Union, this traditional celebration of Elizabeth Peratrovich reaches beyond just the university.
She hopes to inspire community leaders to help make a change.
This is Julia Laude reporting.