State senators re-instate bill that would provide grants for native based traditions and language

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Senator Lisa Murkowski is collaborating with several U.S senators to reintroduce a bill that would highlight and preserve Native American languages. They named the bill "The Esther Martinez American Languages Program Re–authorization Act." The bill will amend the Native American Programs act of 1974, and officials hope to provide flexibility and re-authorization to ensure the survival and continuing vitality of Native American Languages.

"In places like Igiugig , Bethel, Juneau and dozens of communities across Alaska, Native language revitalization has played a big part in preparing students to be college, career and culturally ready while strengthening entire communities. I'm proud that this bill invests in programs to protect Alaska Native culture, history and tradition by ensuring the vitality of Native languages," said Lisa Murkowski in a press release.