Spring cleaning is on the way

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Spring has sprung and while the snow has been melting, the trash is staying.
Thousands of volunteers will be walking the road ways on May 5th.
A big concern on everyone's mind is safety - such as being on the side of the road, the impact of waste on health, and the possibility of needles.
Andrew Ackerman, Environmental Manager for the City said that the biggest health risk is to water, citing even lawn clippings as being able to hurt water dwelling animals.
Caitlin Frye, with the Alaska DOT said to wear bright clothing, and carry the proper disposal equipment.
If you plan on bringing a sharps container, make sure it is make of a thick plastic, or find out how to get one from one of the police stations.
Frye also says if you can't haul the bags away yourself, there will be people picking them up throughout the day.
"All the yellow bags are going to go to the landfill that is where the heavy haulers
take them.” Frye continued saying “But also, if you encounter any aluminum or plastic one and two, you can put them in some green bags and those will get taken to the recycling facility."