Soldiers honor ‘Month of the Military Child’ at Arctic Light Elementary

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Students were welcomed by close to one hundred soldiers from their partner, 2nd battalion 8th field artillery, as they walked into school.

"So today we came out and supported really all of the kids showing up to school here at Arctic Light Elementary, and just greeted them as they came in, gave them pencils, gave them snacks, and stuff that the school provided, really in support of everything that Arctic Light's doing for the month of the military child,” said Lt. Col. Stephen Thibodeau.

Thibodeau says it is important to honor military kids for the unique situations they have to go through. "No military kid signed up to be this, my children, these children, they didn't sign up for this, and they're put through a lot, and they deal with a lot, as the family continues to move around the country, and really taking time, even though it's only one short month, to really honor the sacrifices that they give, regardless of how small some may think they are, it's really important not only to those of us who are parents, but to the entire army as a whole," said Thibodeau.

For one soldier, First Lieutenant Matthew Rambin, it was a reunion with some of his former teachers as he went to Arctic Light from second to sixth grade. "It hasn't changed a bit here especially the inside of the school, the classrooms are all the same, but it's just very cool to give back," said Rambin, remembering when he was a student and walked through the group of soldiers.